Actor’s profile

Full Name

Professional status, role

Education (year of graduation)

Year of birth






City of residence, the nearest metro station

Height (cm)

Weight (kg)

For women, size (chest, waist, hips)

Clothing size

Shoe size

Color and type of hair

The ability to change hair length/color

Eye color

Appearance: tattoo (description), scars, piercings

Filmography (project name, year, role) - no more than five

Experience in theater (year, play, role) - no more than five

Other profssional experience (advertising, exhibitions, presentations, shows, etc.)

Professional skills (vocal, dance training, etc.)

Employment restrictions

Opportunity to travel out

Consent naked in the frame

Special information or skills

Add 5 photos (portrait - without emotion and with emotion, full body photo and 2/3 photo). Photos in roles are not needed. Without Photoshop

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